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Thanks for visiting Richard Mastenbroek's Elapid Pages.

At this moment I'm still building on the website. It will be updated often so please come back to check it out.

The idea and motivation behind this website, is to bring amateur herpetologists and scientist closer to each other as we can learn allot from both sides. My dream and goal is for this website is to make it in a good knowledge platform for all that like Elapids and other venomous snakes. A place were information can be found on any subject and on every level.

At this moment I first concentrate on info/caresheets on the species I have kept during the years. But in the end I want to have it complete. But I need help for that in all ways from pictures, to articles and caresheets

If you have anything interesting or can help out with information or anything please contact me at The Elapid Pages With Kind Regards,

Richard D. L. Mastenbroek
The Netherlands


Me and a Forestcobra (Naja melanoleuca)